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    Products >> Cobalt Catchode  
  Formula: Co  
  CAS No.: 7440-48-4  
  M.W.: 58.9332  
  Properties: Cobalt is a ferromagnetic, ductile metal, silver color.  
Co 99.95 %min
Pb 10ppm max
Sb 10ppm max
Cd 10ppm max
Si 40ppm max
Zn 10ppm max
Cu 10ppm max
Ni 10ppm max
Mn 10ppm max
Mg 10ppm max
As 10ppm max
Al 10ppm max
C 50ppm max
  Application: cobalt is mainly used for the manufacture of alloys. Such as precision alloy, thermal-resistent alloy, carbide alloy, welding alloy, and various kinds of steel alloys with cobalt.  
  Storage: Store at a ventilating and dry place, prevent heat and damp. Do not store with acids and liquid ammonia together.  
  Packing and product image: net250kg drums  
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