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    Products >> Potassium Fluoroborate  
  Formula: KBF4  
  CAS No.: 14075-53-7  
  M.W.: 125.90  
  Properties: White granule crystal, slightly dissolved in water, hot alcohol and ethanol, not dissolved in alkali solutions; decomposed by strong acid to be Boron Trifluoride; codissolved with carbonate of alkali metals to be fluoride and borate; melting point 530°C  
Assay(KBF4 ) 98.0%min
H3BO4 0.4%max
Chloride(Cl) 0.1%max
Sulfate(SO4 ) 0.01%max
Iron(Fe) 0.03%max
Moisture 0.05%max
Lead(Pb) 0.01%max
Calcium (Ca) 0.05%max
Sodium (Na) 0.2%max
Magnesium (Mg) 0.05%max
K2 SiF6 1.0%max
Mesh Size
+60 mesh 5%max
60-200 mesh 60-90
200-325 mesh balance
-325 mesh 10%max
  Application: analytical reagent, fusing reagent, in manufacture of Boron trifluoride, mould material for casting Al and Mg, in electrochemical and chemical experiments  
  Storage: Store in a cool, ventilating place. Prevent package from breaking and deliquescing  
  Packing and product image: 25kg net, double plastic bags lined plastic woven sack  
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