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Product Specification
  Formula: H2ZrF6  
  CAS No.: 12021-95-3  
  M.W.: 207  
  Properties: Colourless and transparent liquid; soluble in water and ethanol, It is a kind of strong acid.  
Assay(H2ZrF6) 45%min
Zr 19.5-20%
SO4 0.03%max
Fe 0.01%max
Cl 0.2%max
As 0.005%max
Cu 0.005%max
HF 0.5%max
  Application:  It is used to produce fuorozicnate salts, steady reagent and electroanalysis industry.  
  Storage:  Store at a dry place hermetically , keep cool and ventilated , prevent damp, keep away from food and acid.  
  Packing and product image: Net 250Kg net, sealed plastic drum.  

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