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Product Specification
  Formula: MgSiF6.6H2O  
  CAS No.: 12449-55-7  
  M.W.: 274.48  
  Properties: Clear or white, rhombohedra or acicular crystal, odorless. The relative density is 1.788.The melting point is 120°C(decomposition).It is hard to deliquesce. But the crystal water will be lost under efflorescence. It is decomposed by dehydration when the temperature is over 80°C, and at the same time gives out silicon tetrachloride gas. It dissolves easily in water, also in dilute acids, but hardly dissolves in hydrofluoric acid and insolubilizes in alcohols. Its water solution presents an acidic nature. When reacted on alkalis, it will generate relative fluor----complex and silica. Poisonous!  
Index standard
MgSiF6.6H2O 98.5%min
MgSO4.7H2O 0.5%max
H2SiF6 0.5%max
H2O 1.0%max
Water insoluble mater 0.2%max
  Application: Mainly used as a water----repellent and a hardener to improve the hardness and intensity of concrete. Otherwise, it is applied in surface fluor efflorescence----proofing for constructions made of ganister bricks, the manufacturer of ceramics, insect prevention for fabrics, and also used as a pesticide.  
  Storage: Store at a ventilating and dry place, prevent wetting and keep away from strong inorganic acid and alkali.  
  Packing and product image: ,storage and transportation: Packed in braided bags lined with two layered polyethylene plastic pouches. The net weight per bag is 25kg.Should be stored in an aeration----drying storehouse. Preserved from damp air. Move carefully during loading and unloading avoiding breakage.  

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