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FAIRSKY INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED17 years' concentration on Cobalt, Nickel,Fluoride Salts.
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Founded in 2006, Fairsky Industrial Co., Limited is a professional group with several associated factories specializing in the production of fine inorganic chemicals, including Cobalt Salts, Nickel Salts, and Fluoride Salts.

We produce and supply electronic materials, plating and coating raw materials, ceramic pigments, food, and feed ingredients, as well as other high-purity fine chemicals to the international market. Based on our capability to produce and supply high-quality chemicals, we also trade other premium products from consistent and reliable sources. Fairsky has emerged as a leading supplier of specialized chemicals in China.

We always strive to provide the best quality and service to our new and existing customers and friends worldwide!

Our prominent products include the following:
-Cobalt Salts: Cobalt Chloride, Cobalt Hydroxide, Cobalt Nitrate, Cobalt Powder, Cobalt Sulfate, Cobalt Carbonate, Cobalt Naphthenate
-Nickel Salts: Nickel Acetate, Nickel Fluoride, Nickel Carbonate, Nickel Oxide, Nickel Nitrate, Raney Nickel, Nickel Sulfamate
-Fluoride Salts: Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Silicolfluoride, Barium Fluoride, Magnesium Fluoride, Chromic Fluoride, Hexafluorozirconic Acid, Fluorosilicic Acid, Ammonium Hexafluorozirconate, Potassium Hexafluorozirconate.

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