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Fairsky Team Attended Khimia 2023

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Fairsky Team Attended Khimia 2023

The Khimia international exhibition was first launched in Moscow in 1965 to become one of the most prestigious chemical trade shows.

Khimia is a meeting place for chemical manufacturers, service providers, suppliers of the latest equipment, materials and technologies, and consumers from all over the world.


According to industry experts, Khimia has a great impact on development of the chemical, petrochemical and other industries, and promotes ties between Russian and foreign companies.

Khimia: global experience and current trends of the chemical industry!

Fairsky exhibited our strong products, such as: 

Nickel Carbonate; Nickel Nitrate; Nickel Acetate; Nickel Oxide; Nickel Chloride; Cobalt Hydroxide; Cobalt Carbonate; Cobalt Oxide; Cobalt Sulfate; Cobalt Chloride; Cobalt Nitrate;

Barium Fluoride; Ammonium Fluoride; Sodium Fluosilicate and so on!


We introduced our team to new and old customers, we got a fruitful exhibition.

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