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Cobalt Nitrate Catalyst

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Cobalt Nitrate Catalyst

Cobalt nitrate catalyst has oxidation and reduction performance, which can accelerate the development of chemical reactions while maintaining a balance of reaction.

The indicators and significance of cobalt nitrate catalysts.

The performance evaluation of nitric acid catalysts usually design several indicators: activity, selectivity, stability and life.

1) Activity: the ability to accelerate the chemical reaction of catalyst. Under certain conditions, the consumption or product generation of reactor in the unit time is usually used to be represented by the amount or product generation.

2) Selerance: catalyst catalytic effect on different reactors. The higher the selectivity, the better the catalytic effect of the catalyst on the target product, which is conducive to improving the purity and income of the product.

3) Stability: The ability to maintain activity during the reaction process. A catalyst with good stability can maintain high activity for a long time, which is conducive to reducing production costs.

4) Life: the time for the catalyst to work effective. Life -long catalysts can reduce the frequency of catalyst replacement, thereby reducing production costs.

Cobalt nitrate catalysts can be divided into multiple types according to different carriers and preparation methods. Common ones are α-

CO (NO3) 2, β-Co (NO3) 2, γ-Co (NO3) 2, etc. The specific performance is as follows:

1) α-Co (NO3) 2:: High activity, good selectivity, average stability, and short life.

2) β-co (NO3) 2: High activity, good selectivity, good stability, and long life.

3) γ-CO (NO3) 2: The activity is low, the selectivity is poor, the stability is poor, and the life span is short.

Cobalt nitrate catalysts are widely used in various chemical response processes, such as oxidation and reduction reactions, bonus reactions, polymerization reactions, etc. Especially in the fields of energy, environmental protection, chemical industry and other fields, it has extensive application prospects.

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