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Information about Cobalt Chloride Hexahydrate| FAIRSKY

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Information about Cobalt Chloride Hexahydrate| FAIRSKY

Nickel Chloride Hexahydrate is green or grass-green monoclinic prismatic crystals. The relative density is 1.921. Melting point 80℃. Soluble in water and ethanol, its aqueous solution is slightly acidic.

It is easily weathered in dry air and deliqued in humid air. When heated to more than 140℃, the crystal water is completely lost and becomes a yellowish brown powder.

Today, we would like to introduce it with below points :

Structural Characteristic:

Nickel chloride hexahydrate is essentially a hydrate of NiCl2, and the compound adopts a CDCl2-type structure, in which each Ni is coordinated with six Cl, and each Cl is coordinated with three Ni. In NiCl2, 

the Ni-Cl bond has ionic characteristics. Yellow NiBr2 and black NiI2 also use a similar structure, but because of the way the halogen atoms are filled, the two nickel halides use a CdI2 structure. 

In contrast, NiCl2·6H2O contains inverse -[NiCl2(H2O)4] units and water molecules.

Application: Nickel chloride hexahydrate is green or grass green monoclinic prismatic crystal at room temperature and pressure, it is a nickel salt derivative, often used as a nickel catalyst in organic synthesis, 

mostly for catalytic organic chemical reactions. In fine chemical production, the chemical chemical book can be used as anode activator in rapid nickel plating for chemical nickel plating. 

Nickel chloride hexahydrate is also used in materials science, such as the preparation of metallic nickel nanoparticles, the preparation of nickel hydroxide nanowires, and the synthesis of metal-organic frameworks.

Storage: Store at cool and dry place, prevent from damp and efflorescence.

Packing: 25kg net, Paper/PE complex bags with double PE inners.

Besides Nickel Chloride Hexahydrate ,we Fairsky also have the exclusive Nickel Chloride Anhydrous one ,yellow powder ,with Ni 41%min ,packed in net 25 kgs drum .

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