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Comparative Experiment of Cobalt Carbonate dissolution

Time:2021-07-27 06:14:46 Source:admin Click:191

Comparison on solubility of Cobalt Carbonate
Now, we will have a test for the comparison on solubility of Cobalt Carbonate.
Fairsky is able to supply two kinds of Cobalt Carbonate with different solubility.
Firstly, we take 7g Cobalt Carbonate, put into the baker, adding10ml purified water, stir it. (Cobalt Carbonate is insoluble in water)
You will see, the color is different.

Secondly, pouring 10ml 85% H3PO4 at once at the same time.
The reaction begins, the left is much fierce, and the time is short, still with different color.
Thirdly, stir the two solutios to react absolutely.

The following is the final of the test, they have the same color.
As we used different method to produce Cobalt Carbonate, we are able to produce high foam and low foam Cobalt Carbonate, according to the requirements from the customer.
Any needs, pls feel free to ask us for an offer.

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